When clients need precision, they come to our laboratory. Calibration Services from RMS include a wide array of capabilities. RMS Quality Services labs are environmentally controlled by some of today’s most sophisticated equipment which continuously monitors for fluctuations of humidity and temperature to ensure constant accuracy of our equipment.  We accommodate thermal expansion by allowing your gauges and equipment to fully acclimate in our controlled environment.  This ultimately equates to precise, accurate, measurements along with providing the optimum measurement uncertainty.

RMS’s capabilities and state of the art Calibration Labs has made our name synonymous with quality as well as a nationally recognized leader in the industry.  We offer expertise in hard gauge calibration, mechanical gauge calibration/repair, electronic tests, instrument calibration, measurement equipment calibration/repair, and contract dimensional inspection services utilizing programmable DCC CMM’s and Electronic Vision equipment.

All calibrations performed by RMS Quality Services include a long form certification with before and after results providing the “unbroken chain” necessary to the SI via NIST.  All calibrations are in accordance to ISO 17025 as well as ISO 10012-1 and ANSI/NC Z540-1.

Instrument Calibration Lab -Pratt & Whiteny Labmaster Machine

RMS ensures precision via a P&W Labmaster touting a resolution of .1 Microinch and a repeatability of 1.6 Microinches

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