Privacy Policy

RMS Quality Services does not share information collected, general or personal, in any form with a third party without the visitors consent or other wise required by law.

  • RMS Quality Services will never share, sell or lease personal information, including names and email addresses, with any third party, in assurance that visitors may provide RMS with their personal information (e.g., signing up for newsletters). For ordinary use of the site, visitors will not be required to provide personal information. In order to receive additional information and services, visitors may be required to provide personal information such as names and email addresses. RMS will not use visitor’s personal information in any other manner other than for which it was collected.
  • RMS Quality Services tracks general information tied to our visitor’s, including, but not limited to, browser types, access times, and referring web sites. This information will not identify a visitor personally by name. RMS collects and extracts this information in the sum of enhancing the services we provide to our visitors. RMS does not share this information with any third party sources. One of the ways RMS collects information is through cookies. The cookies that are set will not hold any personal information.
  • RMS Quality Services may make changes to our privacy policy and will post any updates shortly after the change is made.
  • RMS Quality Services privacy policy is only associated and appertains to RMS Quality services website. RMS Quality Services is not responsible for the ways other websites that we may link to collect or use your information.
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